Frequently Asked Questions

Is my prescription or insurance plan accepted at my Northside Apothecary

Northside Apothecary accepts nearly all insurance plans.

Does Northside Apothecary charge the same co-pay as other pharmacies?

Your co-payment for prescription drugs should be the same if your prescription drug insurance plan is accepted. As noted above, Northside Apothecary covers nearly all insurance plans. Plus, your Northside Apothecary pharmacist provides outstanding personalized service.

Can I order prescriptions online or by mail with Health Mart?

Northside Apothecary offers online refills through RX30. Click here to create your account, find our store and add it to your profile.

Is Northside Apothecary owned by another company?

No. We are an independent pharmacy with an affiliation with Health Mart, Inc.

How is Northside Apothecary different from other pharmacies?

Our pharmacists are healthcare professionals who provide a higher level of personal service. As a small business in Pell City, we have a vested interest in pleasing our customers and providing an unparalleled level of care and counseling.